Then I went to the beach with a loved one. Typical day for me because I have a writer's toll booth.

If you are a writer seeking a lifestyle where you have the time and money to spend your days with your loved ones, or in complete solitude, you are at the the right place at the right time

Here is where you discover how to set up an automated Toll Booth and get paid for your work for years to come while being anywhere in the world you want to be. Sound good?  Read on!

The Writer's Automated Toll Booth

    Dream Big Writer.
Imagine getting a royalty check like J.K Rowling or Stephen King might get, now that would be BIG.

Carrie,  Stephen King's first published work, has paid him automatic royalties since 1974 and with over four million copies sold, most of us would be happy to get his checks from this one work. Right?

There is a very small group at the top of the mountain who have earned millions of dollars from their writing. If you hope to join them, keep writing and good luck.

Most of us writers love to write and are happy if we can make a living doing it, while working on our novel or blockbuster script.  

If Stephen King and J.K. Rowling are the examples of the writers at the Summit, making millions of dollars per year on the works they did yesterday...

then I'm the little guy at the bottom of the mountain selling maps to the trails up the mountain to those who would ascend.

My thousand dollar days are a paltry sum, chicken feed in comparison. 

My personal best-seller is a specialty report sold for over 18 years and my tiny little sales of tens of thousands of dollars is a night on the town for some of the Summit writers.

A couple of years ago I was traveling and while on Coronado Island in San Diego Bay, I woke up to find my daily sales only paid me 789 dollars.  I probably should have panicked.

Oh, in my case, the $2,000.00 and $3,000.00 days were the heady times for me. 

So, perhaps I should be grateful for the 700 dollar days, after all, most of this comes automatically and routinely from work I've completed years ago, but still, I like those 4 and 5 figure days, thank you very much.

See, while King, Rowling and their likes have a toll booth on the best seller highway, with millions of readers, I have a small little unmanned Toll Booth set up on the old dirt road in the backwater country of the Internet where only a few thousand go.

Maybe, someday, I'll hit the big time.

But for now I'm content to stay a small potatoes type writer who is lucky enough to have discovered a way to do what I love, and get paid for doing it.

Sure, a thousand bux a day is nothing to the guys on the NY Times Best-seller lists, but, it beats working for a living, HA!

If you are a writer and looking for a way to a bread and butter income while waiting for your big break, then consider my discovery;

the Writer's Automated Toll Booth.

I write and sell small reports and information products. Mostly these are short specialty reports on a specific subject, like Chatteling (chattel is the legal definition of personal property and chatteling is  profiting from buying and selling of chattel).  

See?  A subject no one has even heard of, yet my reports on Chatteling have been selling for the last 18 years...

no matter where I was

no matter what I was doing

these small report automatic cash cows gave me moolah for decades.

And like most of my work, they took days to write, not months and years and they have been well received by small, albeit profitable, audiences. Please make a note here, this is your ticket to freedom with your writing:

Small profitable audiences who readily buy your work.

Now I have friends, writers, and they have elaborate web sites and they have blogs, and do all kinds of social media, and they work hard on their business of writing...

good for them.

I love hearing about how hard they are working and the skills they have acquired as web masters, with graphics and Facebook and Twitter and all that, again, good for them.

I just want to write.  And be paid for it over and over and over again.

I love to write poetry. Fiddle-fart around with screenplays, even dabble in TV scripts.

But, for 90 minutes a day I focus on writing for money.

It has been a habit for decades now. I like to write in the early morning hours, before the sun comes up. I give 90 minutes a day to my lust for food, clothing and shelter. 

You probably have a "best time" for your writing too, right?

Most of my writing time is spent on writing what I want to write about, but it is only because...

    I took the small amount of time to set up an automated tollbooth for my commercial     properties and then let the tollbooth collect the money while I was in a hammock on the     beach sketching out my Broadway musical.

As a writer, how much of your time is spent writing?

Do you have any goals or ambitions with your writing?

Why not turn a little bit of your time into an automated toll booth which could pay you for years to come, just like Stephen King (but don't expect his size checks, ok?) which allows you the freedom to pursue your other dreams?

If you have an interest in setting up your own tollbooth, I can help you create an automated sales system for you, as a way to generate daily cash flow from your work.

Here is a partial list of my work:

  • The Chattel Report, The Sprint to Freedom
  • Chatteling 101
  • Craigslist Profits (with Skip Rossell)
  • Tennessee Hunting and Fishing Hotsheet (with Pete Egler)
  • Absentee Cash Cow (with Steve DiMarco)
  • The Headlight Cleaning Manual (with Bud Riggs)
  • Think And Reach Par, also on audio
  • How to Play an Unknown Course Like a Big Bux Pro (also audio)
  • Remote Persuasion
  • Before You Buy Anything
  • Fly Low and Collect the Dough
  • How to Hit a Golf Ball and Make it Go Where You Want it to Go
  • Putting Secrets of the Winners
  • I'm Buying Hotsheet
  • The HOTSHEET Report
  • The Bell Curve Flat Line Lottery System
  • Psychic Power Gaze
  • Income and Happiness (for Ben Suarez and Harvey Brody)
  • How to Make IT Happen (2000, 2005, 2009, 2013 updates)
  • Square One Workshops
  • Persuasion Secrets of a Million Dollar a Year Escort
  • The Do IT for FREE Report
  • 7 Steps to Information Product Success
  • How to Extract Gold from a Fish's Mouth
  • The Nectar Report
  • Postcard Profits
  • The Prospect as Product
  • 10 Days to a Great New Life (with Rick Smith)
  • How to Set Up a Membership Site
  • Doom, Gloom and Bliss (blog)
  • How to Create Your Information Empire
Well, you get the point, hopefully. The list is much longer, but I have been at it for a couple of decades.
The takeaway for you might be, he has done it...

and indeed, I have.

Short simple, sweet, succinct and pithy reports have been my bread and butter for 25 years.

And 90 minutes a day. A habit I can't break (nor would I want to). You may be thinking;

"So What?

What can you do for me?"

My publishing partner Dien Rice, of Melbourne Australia, and I have had our little corner of the Internet for the last 15 years. It is Seeds of Wisdom Publishing, found at

We have published scores of books, reports, hotsheets, folios, posts, emails, fliers, postcards, letters, courses and we love the printed word.
We can help you create, write and market your work.
We can help you create and build your own Automated Toll Booth and begin to receive your daily bread and butter profits and do so at breakneck speed.
We offer you a course of instruction on HOW TO write small reports WHICH PEOPLE ARE EAGER TO BUY.
We instruct you in the art of "BUNDLING" your work to maximize your profits. We show you how to quickly and easily create a list of buyers, many of them will buy from you for years. We have customers from 20 years ago still buying our stuff.

Interested?  Contact me  or visit   

Gordon Jay Alexander